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SubsClub: exploring data as a service

Fora Borough, London

b2b information companies setting their sights on being like software as a service have a better chance of becoming data as a service. It's in their DNA. But it's no slam dunk. Challenges range from figuring out the value for customers, how to leverage existing resources, and pricing strategy. But getting it right is rocket […]

SubsClub – refining the lever: analyst interaction

Using the analyst lever was the critical lever in the off record turn around case study earlier in the year, in the next collaborative session the expert network co-created the optimal approach, and in this final session of the year, the group refined the playbook to optimise the use of this highly effective retention lever.

SubsClub – collaborate: using analyst interaction as a commercial lever

Annual subscriptions - problems take a long time to emerge, and longer to solve. How do you turn things around most effectively? How do you control the narrative to convince your peers you know what to do? What results can you expect to achieve, to manage expectations? Analyst interaction is used to improve revenue retention […]