Find your north star – how data accelerates subscription growth


Tom’s keynote session will cover setting the scene for us on how subscription models are evolving - in particular in the use of data to support growth. He will also detail how the FT has successfully scaled a B2B business alongside their more traditional B2C subscriptions and the key drivers behind this. Whilst a decade […]


The future of B2B subscriptions

Events @ No. 6, London 6 Alie St, London

Introducing an exciting new event for b2b leaders who are serious about growing revenues and profits from subscriptions. Where the marketplace will come together to realise greater success for their business and customers.

SubsClub: Measuring customer engagement

Topic: How should we measure customer engagement? Discussion points: - Define customer engagement and ways it can be measured- Why is it important e.g. retention, upsell, etc?- How can we get close to relating customer engagement to customer value/ROI?- What progress is being made, share what's worked, not worked and planned?- What are the key […]

Masterclass on Retention: Unlocking Net Recurring Revenues

Exemplary subscription companies are performing at 150%+ net recurring revenues also known as net retention rate (NRR). Positive NRR is the most important indicator of success because it means that a company grows year on year without acquiring new customers. And the nature of recurring revenues means that this growth compounds year on year. For […]

Subs Think Tank: Exploring the Key Drivers for Optimising Subscription Success

Discussion points include:- Learning from progress the group is making- Sharing what's worked/not worked and what’s next- Identifying the key challenges and opportunities Who should attend? This event is invite only and is aimed at MD/CEO level within a business that has at least 50% recurring revenues of no less than £20m. Fit the bill? […]

SubsClub: Retention

Folgate, Spitalfields 35-41 Folgate St, London

Topic: Retention We’ve been talking for some time about how to move from a traditional, yet outdated, renewals programme, into a net revenue retention (NRR) strategy. But, what are the key steps you need to take? At this SubsClub, key discussion points will include: - How to assess your situation - How to identify critical […]