Subs Think Tank: Exploring the Key Drivers for Optimising Subscription Success

Discussion points include:- Learning from progress the group is making- Sharing what's worked/not worked and what’s next- Identifying the key challenges and opportunities Who should attend? This event is invite only and is aimed at MD/CEO level within a business that has at least 50% recurring revenues of no less than £20m. Fit the bill? […]

SubsClub: Retention

Folgate, Spitalfields 35-41 Folgate St, London

Topic: Retention We’ve been talking for some time about how to move from a traditional, yet outdated, renewals programme, into a net revenue retention (NRR) strategy. But, what are the key steps you need to take? At this SubsClub, key discussion points will include: - How to assess your situation - How to identify critical […]

SubsLab #4: product engagement score

Virtual / digital

We're excited to have Ellie O'Connor, Associate Director of UX at S&P Global share how they have made a breakthrough, not just on defining a product engagement score but making it actionable. Interested to find out how you can join and attend? Contact us today by emailing for more details


SubsClub: How to identify customer must have moments that impact retention

London, UK

Product engagement scoring is a hot topic. Why? B2B subscription companies offer a multitude of products/features, sometimes 100’s, to different segments of customers and sliced again at persona/use case level. All with the aim to retain and grow accounts. Lots of data is being collected, usually around consumption, with the peaks tending to drive yet […]


SubsClub: Rocket Retention

Fora Borough, London

This one is sharing how to rocket retention. We’ll be opening the floor to get the latest insights about what’s working and being tested. You’ll be hearing from leading subscription businesses. Previous sessions have included directors from Fastmarkets, FT Specialist, Ascential, LexisNexis, The Lawyer, CRU, S&P Global, Business of Fashion.

SubsClub – case study: turnaround of a high value subscription

A meeting for senior b2b subscription leaders to exchange ideas and consider how to rocket retention. During this session we have a case study about a turnaround. Off the record. And we continue to progress the model/framework for rocket retention.

SubsClub – collaborate: using analyst interaction as a commercial lever

Annual subscriptions - problems take a long time to emerge, and longer to solve. How do you turn things around most effectively? How do you control the narrative to convince your peers you know what to do? What results can you expect to achieve, to manage expectations? Analyst interaction is used to improve revenue retention […]

SubsClub – refining the lever: analyst interaction

Using the analyst lever was the critical lever in the off record turn around case study earlier in the year, in the next collaborative session the expert network co-created the optimal approach, and in this final session of the year, the group refined the playbook to optimise the use of this highly effective retention lever.

SubsClub: exploring data as a service

Fora Borough, London

b2b information companies setting their sights on being like software as a service have a better chance of becoming data as a service. It's in their DNA. But it's no slam dunk. Challenges range from figuring out the value for customers, how to leverage existing resources, and pricing strategy. But getting it right is rocket […]

SubsClub: DaaS / Substribe After Hours

SubsClub: Leaders in b2b subscriptions learn from each other and make meaningful connections. Discussions are framed around the Substribe performance matrix to consider how to protect and grow the installed subscriber base. Conversations are off the record. Substribe After Hours: After the focused discussion finishes at 5pm, we move to informal networking. Location: Borough/London


SubsClub: pricing by use case

Borough, London Fora, Borough, London, United Kingdom

A pricing specialist walks us through her approach to pricing new products. Leading into discussions about pricing by use case. Some are already pricing this way. Others are exploring the approach. SubsClub: where leaders in b2b subscriptions learn from each other and make meaningful connections. Discussions are framed around the Substribe performance matrix to consider […]