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A meeting for senior b2b subscription leaders to exchange ideas and consider how to rocket retention. During this session we have a case study about a turn around. And we continue to progress the model/framework for rocket retention.

SubsClub: Rocket Retention

Fora Borough, London

This one is sharing how to rocket retention. We’ll be opening the floor to get the latest insights about what’s working and being tested. You’ll be hearing from leading subscription businesses. Previous sessions have included directors from Fastmarkets, FT Specialist, Ascential, LexisNexis, The Lawyer, CRU, S&P Global, Business of Fashion.

SubsClub: How to identify customer must have moments that impact retention

London, UK

Product engagement scoring is a hot topic. Why? B2B subscription companies offer a multitude of products/features, sometimes 100’s, to different segments of customers and sliced again at persona/use case level. All with the aim to retain and grow accounts. Lots of data is being collected, usually around consumption, with the peaks tending to drive yet […]